Things to check before taking a car for rent

While renting a car for your needs, you need to consider various things. If you want to book it online, you must consider a few of the following things so that you can get the best possible car at the optimum rate.   

  1. Size of the car – Select the size of the car as per the numbers of passengers. They will mention whether the car is mid-sized or a luxury one or a compact one. The car rental websites also mention the numbers of passengers each type of car can accommodate. The final bill you pay depends on the car size.
  2. Any offer or money discount deals – If you are flexible with the travel date, then you may try to rent the car when the demand is less. Try searching the Internet a few months back and book the car well in advance so that you may get a better deal. Some car rental websites offer a good deal if you book it with a combination of hotel and a flight.

While going through the deals read between the lines and see if there is any blackout day, the date on which these deals will not be applied. These things will help you to plan the thing in advance. Please be informed that these car rental websites offer some discount for special organizations like motor clubs or any specific society.

  • Ask about the fees – While taking the car for rent, ask if there is any hidden charge which has not been advertised in the rate chart. Ask whether the rate includes all the mandatory rates and charges or they will charge them extra in addition to the advertised rate. Now while searching the Internet and making a comparison of the rates, you can compare well as you are aware of the actual price which you will have to pay.
  • See their insurance coverage options – These companies offer additional coverage to the driver if you pay their price. This will obviously reduce your liability at the time of driving the car. If you want to pay for the coverage ask for the details from them so that you can calculate the right price.
  • Get clear about the fees – Get a clear idea of the fees that you will have to pay at the time of paying off your bills. These fees may include the entry to other states or late or entry return fees or if any airport surcharge is needed.


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