Things to check for yourself in car rental insurance

It’s always better to protect your vehicle while you travel without wasting your money with the help of right car rental insurance policy. Though there are a number of insurance policy coverage companies and options available. Always make sure to choose the one which could provide maximum coverage. Before you choose a particular company, you need to look for the car sharing agreement or the car rental agreement.

Usually, the companies would clearly specify what their policy would cover and their supplemental coverage which you can buy. You can check with your company executive if you didn’t understand anything.

Check for the following if you own or lease a car:

  • Coverage which you have on your car: usually whatever coverage which you have on your own insured vehicle would be applicable for your rental car as well.
  • If you have a collision or comprehensiveness: if you have dropped from this insurance coverage on your own vehicle then it might not be applicable to your vehicle which you rent.
  • Coverage for administrative fees, loss or towing: check with your insurance company whether they would cover for these claims.
  • Know the benefits of different insurance policies: before you choose one always look for the varying benefits of each policy of different companies and choose the one that would provide maximum benefits to you.
  • Contact credit card issuer: check with your credit card issuer with which you have purchased the insurance about the coverage which the card could provide.

Insurance if you are renting from a brick and motor car rentals:

This kind of brick and motor car rental is available in train stations, airports, or other places where travelers come and go. With these, it would be easy for you to choose the suitable vehicle and reserve as and when required. Depending on the insurance company and the state the costs, regulations, coverage might but most of the insurers would opt for the following coverage:

  • Loss damage waiver: this would be applicable when the rental car which you have taken is stolen or damaged.
  • Liability insurance: often the liability insurance wouldn’t cover more and might not provide enough protection.
  • Personal accident insurance: under this you can cover the medical and ambulance bills of any kind that you might have needed in the event of a car crash.

Personal effects coverage: it provides insurance and protection to the theft of items from the car rentals.



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