What is car tuning and a few facts about it?

Car tuning is basic maintenance of the car’s routine schedule which has to be planned and arranged accordingly.

What is involved in car tuning?

This is not a new concept.  Here the parts of the car are serviced to the optimum level in order to increase the efficiency and performance of the car or vehicle. Usually, in modern days, it’s performed by replacing the cabin air and spark plugs. It’s just as that of your cars oil change or the tire checking.

Why choose spark plugs and cabin filters?

Though the cabin filters are not that important it’s always better to clean them up and changed regularly as they might get clogged. The spark plugs should be replaced for every 100,000 miles. If you fail to replace them it might create problems in your car. In modern vehicles, you may need to take care of certain other things like the myriad of fluids. You should even check for the other parts of the car like the car wipers, car battery and more.

Signs that might show that your car needs tuning:

Before you go for a mechanic it’s always better to look and understand the working of your vehicle so that it would be easy for you explain the changing you might have noticed. The following are the symptoms and signs to be noticed:

  • Engine deposits: it is mostly caused due to the contamination or the low-quality gasoline which would create a problem. Clean up the fuel system to resolve this problem.
  • Clogged air engine filters: it has to be addressed on time or your car might end up moving like a turtle.
  • Misfiring engine: a bad spark plug can cause hard starting.
  • Low fuel economy: a clogged air filter or problem in spark plug might result in low fuel economy.
  • You can even check for any kind of unusual sound of your vehicle.


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